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Anglais : Texte N°3

Publié par Mély

Voici un petit texte qui me parait assez simple sur lequel vous pouvez travailler et m'en parler ! Je le fais de mon coté ... Bon courage à vous ... N'hésitez pas à mettre des commentaires pour que l'on en parle...

A review of "Super Size Me"


Everything is bigger in America according to Morgan Spurlock, who has crafted a  contemporary horror story by subjecting himself to thirty solid days of a McDonald's-only  diet. Ugh1.

Under the supervision of a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist, a nutritionist and an internist,  Spurlock explores the ritual delights of fast food, an American tradition. As Spurlock's  health deteriorates and his weight and cholesterol balloon, he gives us frightening facts  with the urgency of a dead man walking.

Sixty percent of Americans are overweight; in certain states almost one of four is  considered obese. Couple this with the fact that McDonald's is attempting to Super-size  the planet with their saturated fat-stuffed burgers and fries, and you've got yourself the  makings of an intriguing experiment.

Spurlock's fiancee is horrified by her lover's McDiet. Along with an unhealthy pallor and  flagging energy, Morgan's sex drive is merely a shadow of its former self. His mounting  depression leaves little time for anything but periodic check-ups with his on-call docs,  who are alarmed at the results.

Spurlock gains a hellishly unhealthy seventeen pounds in twelve days (almost twenty five  in 7 o thirty days), while his liver metastasizes into a state of shock from the steady diet of  sugar and fat.

The tension mounts as Spurlock endeavors to complete his investigation while racking up  alarming symptoms that will seriously endanger his health. This film is guaranteed to keep  you from entering a fast-food institutions for years to come.

McDonald's pulls in 46 million suckers2 a day, most of them yearning for3 the comfort and  ease of a fast-food fix4. McD's junk food is worshipped to the tune of 1.4 billion of annual  advertising dollars.

Shortly after the heavy-handed hype of Super Size Me at this year's Sundance Film Fest  (where it won the Director's Award), McDonald's suspended Super-Sizing at all of its fast- food outlets. A small step for the man (Spurlock) and a big leap for mankind.


http://www.aufiTLUth.com/jeanne/reviews/superSizeMe.html A review of "Super Size

Me", by Jeanne Aufmuth


1. Ugh! :beurk!

2. Suckers : pigeons, clients nai'fs

3. yearning for : se languissant de...

4. fix : dose (pour un toxicomane)

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amelie 19/11/2009 09:52

Salut Mely,

pourras tu me dire ce que tu penses de mon résumé quand tu auras le temps?
je vais essayer de faire l'autre texte, mais je pense que tes critiques pourraient m'être utiles.
merci bcp!

amelie 04/11/2009 16:45

Salut Mely,
tout d'abord, merci pour ce site vraiment bien fait et qui motive !
j'ai essayé de faire ce sujet dans le temps imparti, voici mon commentaire. Par contre j'ai beaucoup de mal à parler sans regarder mes notes ensuite. Peut etre que ca viendra avec de
l'entrainement...Tu pourras me dire ce que tu en penses stp?

The title of this press article is in reality the title of a film. In this article, J.Aufmuth comments "super size me",  which tells the story of M. Spurlock who has tested American food
during a month for a medical study, to show consequences of this food on health. Through this film, the journalist critizes the American way of life, and in particulary, their food. On the tone of
irony, she compares fast food clients as suckers and junkees. She teach to the readers that the direct effect of this film was the suppression ofsuper-sizing menus by Mc Donald's. In my opinion,
it's a good thing, may be the start of a food revolution in USA, but equaly in earth. In fact, because of the mondialisation of economy since 80's, european countries have started to adopt 
american way of life and all its excesses.
It has been demonstrated that obesity was responsible of a variety of diseases, like diabete, hearth attacks, so prematured deaths. I agree with the author when she says " a big leap for mankind".
In France, sanitary authorities do an advertising of the population at tv and radio. the slogan is : "for staying healthy, do not eat too fat, too sweaty, too salty". The role of school teachers is
to pass the message to children, because good habits are taken in childhood.

picaprof 12/09/2009 13:28

tu sais quoi ? malgré mon 7/20 à l'oral d'anglais, parait que je suis habilitée à l'enseigner mdrrrr ça promet en C3... mdrrrr HELP !

Mély 13/09/2009 20:36

Bah écoute si tu es habilitée, c'est génial !! Bah va falloir assurer les cours maintenant !! lol !! Bon courage
poulette !! Si t'as besoin, jsuis là mais ça tu le sais !!!!
Gros bisous ma PICA !!!

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